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We are delighted to announce that we are making our Mask Detection software completely FREE as of May 2021! Many places might not recieve vaccines until 2022, so we want to help keep people safe. Not only does it help keep your employees safe, it also helps to reduce the potentially negative human-human interaction of asking customers to put on masks, incidents which can leave a negative brand perception in your customers' minds long after the pandemic.

Smart Store & Customer Analytics

Measure relative customer traffic per hour accurately and easily. Gather core demographics like gender and approximate age. Use these insights to more efficiently allocate employee time and steer sales representatives towards times and demographics where they can do their best work.

Gain data-driven insights into how customers experience your store. Place products strategically. If you lease space to retail stores, like in the mall demo shown, you can provide rentees with data-driven insights about the foot traffic they can expect. You can adjust prices accordingly. If you are renting such a space you can optimize for an amount of foot traffic appropraite for your business.

AutoGreet - A.I. Receptionist

AutoGreet automatically speaks with your customer as soon as they enter your establishment. Simply type in a message and AutoGreet will relay that message to your customers. Only $2 a day. Don't let a lack of reception and quick customer relations lead to customers walking away - get autogreet today!

Theft & Crime Prevention

Our theft prevention software allows you to access the Saviors.ai criminal recognition network. Our A.I. scans your store for thiefs and criminals, and if it finds one immediately alerts you. Chain and big-box stores can catch a thief once in any location across the country and instantly trespass them from all their other stores. Meanwhile, small business owners like you may simply not have the time or resources to fully pursue legal action in every instance of theft. You may not even wnt to involve the legal system for every little instance of theft. Professional thieves know this and take advantage of it. So they target small businesses like yours.

This is where Saviors.ai comes in. You can protect your store from the worst offenders without having to impose onerous anti-theft restrictions - like those plastic lockboxes you see at pharmacies - on your customers. No need to bring an 18 year old kid to court for matters that can be better handled privately. We know that your main focus is protecting your business, not imposing restrictions on your customers or bringing a teenager to court for some childish mistake. We also prevent the the very worst criminals - i.e. violent and otherwise heinous offenders - from roaming your store without you knowing.

How it works

Simply run our software on computer, attach a camera to the software and point the camera at you entryway. That's it! Our system will then check customers against the Saviors.ai known criminal database.

Employee Productivity

Coming Soon! Clock employee hours usiing facial recognition, measure employee attentiveness, and use data-driven insights to optimize labor-centric operations.

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